FantasyFootball those that know me well know that I play in a couple of fantasy football leagues every season. I have my family and friends league in Tennessee and I have a fun league I play here in Maryland.

The Tennessee league is a “keeper” league with a salary cap so it makes it a little more difficult than a traditional fantasy football league. This weekend we completed our draft and here is what my team looks like going into week 1:

MD Titans Roster 2015

I held on to Drew Brees, Le’Veon Bell and Andre Johnson from last season and drafted all other players for this season.

I would expect this team to change significantly over the season. I still need a “real” backup QB to Brees for his bye week (week 11) and I will have to make some moves to make the money work to get someone (only having $5 of cap room limits me right now). I don’t love my kicker or my defense and those picks may change SOON. I do have a lot of Tennessee and Baltimore players on this team (5 of 15 players).

My Maryland league draft is Tuesday evening. That league is a traditional league where I will be drafting a brand new team for the season. Last year I took Adrian Peterson (wow was that a mistake) as my first pick and that kind of set the tone for the season. I get the #3 pick this year so already running a number of scenarios for what player I will be selecting.

Hope you all are having a wonderful long weekend and if you play fantasy football, good luck!

Scott E