MD08 Poll Results

(Photo taken from Facebook)
(Photo taken from Facebook)

After a week of voting the results are in…Jamie Raskin wins the online August MD08 poll “Who do you think will win in MD08” with over 640 votes. A total of 1,487 votes were cast over the past week. See the full results:

MD08 August Poll Results

As the winner of this poll, Jamie Raskin gets his online links listed here in this post and gets 30 days of free promotion on the right side ad area of this blog.




What I learned from this poll:

Importance of the results: Probably very little. Online polls are obviously unscientific as there is no way to show what district voters live in or even if they are old enough to vote. Although unscientific, it is entertaining and maybe somewhat informative.

Online outreach: As the “blogger” reviewing the online outreach of candidates in various races, the one take away I look at in these polls is that this can be an indicator of the online outreach of a candidate, campaign and their followers. Obviously Raskin and Matthews may have an online outreach advantage based on the numbers…and I look forward to seeing if future social media scorecards show that trend going forward.

Hinky numbers over the last 24 hours: I like Poll Daddy because it is easy to use for those setting up an online poll and for those voting…but we all know there are ways to manipulate online polls. Watching the votes come in over the last 24 hours, I became concerned with numbers on the site and how they equated to the poll. I don’t believe it had any effect in the outcome but maybe inflated the numbers for the top 2 candidates a bit over the last day of voting…not sure I will be using Poll Daddy for my future polls.

I owe Jonathan a beer: Jonathan Shurberg is the author of Maryland Scramble and was a big key to the success of this poll. Hey wrote about it daily on his blog, encouraged his readers to vote and by far the most traffic to my site came from Maryland Scramble this week. So Jonathan, one of these days when we get together to talk local politics, the first beer is on me.

I expect September to be full of news about MD08 and all of the various Maryland races…so stay tuned for more information in the near future.

Scott E

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