Ben Carson Wins Montgomery County Straw Poll for GOP


I am a little late in posting this because of some projects that have taken up much of my time over the past few days. The Montgomery County Republican Party conducted a presidential straw poll at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair and Ben Carson came out on top.

MCGOP Straw Poll 2015

Read the full statement from MCGOP here:

Another interesting stat for Ben Carson has to do with social media outreach. Ben Carson lead all GOP candidates with average number of retweets from June 1 – June 22 (I know this is a couple of months old but interesting to know – If I find a more current article I will post that in a future post). Retweets are an important indicator for outreach and engagement of followers on Twitter.

GOP retweets june 2015

You can read the full article about this indicator here:

Scott E



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