Most Facebook Followers in MD08

I wrote about the number of Twitter followers in MD08 back on July 7th (READ HERE) so I thought I would share the number of Facebook followers for each “Campaign” page. I always catch heck over this evaluation as candidates regularly tell me about the number of followers they have on their “personal” Facebook account. As I have no way to accurately track that information, I do not use it as part of my technology evaluations for campaigns.

Note – I have no tracking data yet so use this as a reference today and know more detailed tracking data will be coming in future posts about this race.


Facebook Followers

Official Campaign Facebook Page
Kumar Barve

Jamie Raskin

William Jawando

Kathleen Matthews

Valerie Ervin

Ana Sol-Gutierrez

David Anderson


Could not find a page

Notes – I was not able to find any online information for David Anderson. If anyone out there knows anything about his website or social media outreach let me know so I can get it added to future posts.

Liz Matory is running as an Independent in MD08. She currently has 257 Facebook followers ( which would put her near the bottom of this group. In future evaluations I will add Liz to the chart as an Independent candidate.

Now that I have written about Twitter and Facebook outreach…Look for the ScottE poll on this race coming later today.

Here is a good resource for information from Ballotpedia:’s_8th_Congressional_District_election,_2016

Another good resource for information on this race:

Maryland Scramble
Click to read info about the MD08 race

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