Post GOP Debate Big Winners – Carson and Fiorina

Post GOP Debate big winners

There has been a lot of talk about who did well and who bombed last Thursday at the GOP debates. I think universally Carly Fiorina has been praised for her performance during the “early” debate. The talk about the late night debate with the “Top 10” candidates has been mixed about who did great and who did not do well at all. The real answer (as always) is in the numbers. There have been 3 polls since the debate and it is clear to me that Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina were the big winners.

GOP Polls
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Based on the 3 latest polls, Ben Carson has jumped ahead of Scott Walker for third place. Also, look at how high Carly Fiorina numbers have jumped (from 1% and 2% previously and now hitting 3%, 6% and 6% in the past 3 polls). The numbers clearly show that the debates were positives for both candidates campaigns and they both clearly have momentum on their side right now.

For all of the negative press and comments about Trump’s performance, he continues to hold a significant advantage over all other candidates today. The anti-establishment sentiment is real and Trump continues to benefit from the public tiring of career politicians in Washington. Can he win? Who knows…but when poll after poll has him with a significant lead in this race, he is not going away anytime soon.

As for as the candidates hurt (in the numbers) by the last debate: Jeb Bush – Still holding on to second but may be weakening. Scott Walker – His numbers took a significant drop. Chris Christie – Numbers went from consistent 3% and 4% and now 2 of the last 3 polls have him down to 1%. Rick Perry – He missed out on being in the big debate and his numbers did take a hit. Now there are reports that Rick Perry is no longer paying his staff as his fundraising is drying up. Is this the end of the Perry run for President?

OK…now to bring this post back around to the things I really keep track of…Here is an interesting tweet about social media numbers post debate:

Post Debate Twitter Growth

That was a big Twitter add for Ben Carson and we will have to watch to see if that trend continues into the future. Just another reason that I believe Ben Carson was a big winner post GOP debate.

I am still waiting for a few of the candidates to fall out of the race before I start my technology outreach scorecards. Some of these candidates have significant online outreach and it will be fun to track the followers and online engagement of these candidates in the future.

Hope you all have a great day.

Scott E

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