Best of Howard County


OK readers…here is your chance to make your voice heard in nearly 80 categories of your favorite things about Howard County. Topics range from Best Annual Event to Best place to enjoy seafood and yes even Best Blog.  For those stumped on who to vote for…here are a few recommendations from me:

Question #11 – Best Car Dealership – Apple Ford. I have bought my last 3 vehicles from there and just love that place.

Question #51 – Best Computer Repair – Well since they did not list anyone and gives you an opportunity to write in any company you want, you could always list ScottE Software Development (I know, a shameless plug for me but I just had to do it…LOL).

Questions #52 – Best Doggie Day Care – Club Pooche. Did you know they are sponsoring the upcoming Blogger party on August 13th at Pub Dog in Columbia? Make sure to register here 

Question #60 – Best Blog – You are on your own for this one. If I were to guess, the race really will be between Tom (HoCo Rising) and Clair (UK Desperate Housewife USA). I like them both so I am staying VERY neutral on this pick.

Questions #63 – Best Elected Official – I am super excited to see how this one turns out. This is a write in only category which makes it even more interesting.

OK…that does it for my recommendations. Happy voting.

Scott E


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