GOP Debate Candidates

The GOP debate (or at least the one that matters) is tomorrow night at 9:00pm on Fox News. I have seen many around here talk/post about how they are excited for the debate, others watching to see if it becomes a train wreck and others just pretending it isn’t happening at all and will avoid it at all costs (which I will just never understand). Personally, I am looking forward to watching the debate and simultaneously watching social media (specifically the hashtag #GOPDebate on Twitter) for all of the comments. I find that watching the online comments while watching a debate can be both informational and entertaining. I am sure that there will be other trending hashtags tomorrow night…

As far as what I expect from the content of the debate…very little. With 10 candidates on the stage at one time, I am not sure it will be much more than each candidate trying to hit their talking points on various issues…but with Donald Trump on stage you never know…that is why I think it is a MUST WATCH event. I am sure there will be multiple reports about which candidate trended the highest online (my bet today is that it will be Trump) and I will save a future post for that information when I come across it.

Tomorrow starts the voting for the “Best Of Howard”. I will try and get a blog post about it as early as possible.

Enjoy the remainder of your evening.

Scott E


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