Donald Trump President

There is so much talk about Donald Trump and how he is doing in the polls. The reports I observed on TV last night have Trump second in Iowa and leading in New Hampshire. The national polls are mostly all going his way (See photo).

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Now the information I was most interested in about this race…social media numbers. Specifically, adding new followers on Twitter. Now number of followers is only one indicator when looking at social media but I found it interesting how many more new Twitter followers Trump added last week vs the remainder of the field.

Trump Dominates On Twitter
note (numbers reported from Gary Forbes and tweeted from the Trump Twitter account)

Now these numbers are only one social media indicator but the Trump campaign has to be thrilled at all of the numbers favoring their campaign for President on the GOP side of the ticket. When we get a little further down the road, I will be writing about the social media trends in this race (to be honest I am waiting for a few of the GOP candidates to fall out of the race before I start my evaluations).

I personally have no favorite candidate today but thought this was interesting and on topic for this blog.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

Scott E