Howard County Hashtags for Business, Retail, Real Estate and the Economy

Howard County Hashtags

I have been on a political kick with my blog posts recently and there are many more of those to come in the future but for today I thought I would post another useful HoCoHashtag post for my readers. This listing of hashtags (put together by HoCoBlogs) is especially useful to local businesses.

Business, Retail, Real Estate & the Economy Twitter stream
#HoCoBiz business news, Chamber happenings
#HoCoRealEstate residential and commercial real estate
#HoCoEconomy stats, numbers on the local economy
#HoCoStores stores opening and closing; new leases; new buildings
#HoCoHomes housing, houses for sale
#HoCoTech tech news
#HoCoJobs local jobs
#HoCoDeals Discounts, specials, sales events

Remember, the use of local hashtags can help expand your local outreach.

Scott E

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