After a week of voting we have a winner of the first poll for the MD04 Democratic Primary “Who do you think will win?”…and the winner is: Warren Christopher.

Warren Christopher

Warren received just over 30% of the total votes (186 votes cast in this poll). Below are the final results for each candidate:

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What I learned in this poll:

1. I think this may show some indication of digital outreach strength from the candidates and their followers. Given what I have seen online, I was not surprised to see Christopher, Pena-Melnyk, Ivey and Brown atop this poll. In my last online evaluation of this race, Brown and Christopher held the most Twitter followers while Pena-Melnyk and Ivey added the most new Twitter followers. Social media is not going to be “THE” deciding factor in this or any congressional race but it will have an impact on voter engagement and getting out the vote efforts for the campaigns. In an eight person race, every vote counts. Be sure your team is watching hashtags like (#md04, #mdpolitics) for updated information on social media.

2. Maryland Scramble has a significant following. I kind of already knew that but to see the amount of traffic that came from that website to the poll was impressive. I read that blog regularly and although I may not agree with Jonathan on some of his articles, it is a wonderful resource for information. Thanks Jonathan for sharing my information to your readers. I have added a link to your blog to my 2016 Scorecard page under good informational resources section.

3. Obviously this is pretty early in the campaign season and this poll is very unscientific given that there is no way to know where voters live…but for those that did well, congrats. For those candidates that did not, keep pushing forward with your digital outreach efforts as it will play a factor in this race for Congress.

What is coming up in August…more social media outreach reviews of MD04, MD08, the Maryland Senate race and I will begin looking at MD06 on the GOP side of that race. Should be some interesting new facts coming out so stay tuned.

Scott E


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