Poll – Which Democrat will win the Primary in MD04


I know…we are still 275 days away from the Primary Elections (April 26, 2016) but there are a lot of candidates right now in this race and I am interested in who my readers “think” will win the Democrat nomination. As it stands right now, there appear to be 8 candidates to choose from in MD04. Vote and share with your followers…I will publish the results next weekend.

If you are looking for more information about the various candidates, check out the latest technology outreach review: Update to Twitter Outlook in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District election, 2016. Another good resource for information is from Maryland Scramble:  http://marylandscramble.com/category/maryland-cd4/



Good luck to all…let the voting begin.

Scott E



3 thoughts on “Poll – Which Democrat will win the Primary in MD04

    • We as Marylanders should care about every race as they all affect us in some way or another.

      I find it helpful to be as informed as possible to news both in and outside of HoCo. I have written Technology Outreach Scorecards about races throughout the state and this is inline with those previous blog posts.

      Thanks for the comment and have a great day.

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