ScottE Software Opportunities

Two months ago I left my “regular” job (that I had for nearly 16 years) in search of a new adventure. I chose to start my new career by expanding ScottE Software Development services and outreach. Those that know me know I have been working on ScottE Software on nights and weekends since 2011. What started as a simple mobile app (iPhone and Android) company had already expanded into providing a variety of additional technology and social media services for small businesses and political campaigns in and around Howard County. This transition was one I had been planning for some time. I put myself into a position to make the switch and reached a point in my life where I was ready to pull the trigger and make the move.

I must admit that I am still loving the decision to make the career change. People have told me numerous times that I look much happier and more relaxed. I know that is exactly how I feel most days. I will say that this new life does come with some new challenges but 60 days in, I remain dedicated to growing the business and helping small businesses with my expertise in technology.

I do miss my old technology, facilities and fleet & inventory team. They were all great people who were dedicated to the mission of the company and I hope they all continue to do well in their careers in the future. I do check in from time to time on what is going on with the organization and I hope to find some time in the near future to catch up with the team.

I have a couple of exciting meetings scheduled for this afternoon and some potential opportunities on the calendar for next week. There are numerous upcoming networking events to attend in the area over the next couple of weeks and I look forward to meeting local business owners and providing whatever services I can offer. There also may be an opportunity to co-host a HoCoBloger party in my future (more details on that coming soon…I hope).

This adventure has only just begun…hopefully it continues to be a fun and exciting ride going forward.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. The weather is gorgeous out there this morning…maybe some rain this afternoon. Of course it is going to rain while I am traveling around Howard and Anne Arundel County.

Scott E