Howard County Hashtags for Food, Drink, Farms and Restaurants


Below is another great listing of local hashtags put together by HoCoBlogs. If you own, operate or manage social media for a local restaurant, bar, tavern, farm or brewery, this is a MUST know list of hashtags you should be using on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and yes even Facebook.

The use of local hashtags can expand your social media outreach to LOCAL followers…which is the point when trying to promote you business, product or blogging topic.

Food and Drink; Farms and Restaurants Twitter stream Other streams
#HoCoFood Primary tag for restaurant reviews and the local food scene
#HoCoFarms Farm news, CSAs, farmland issues
#HoCoBeer Beers on tap, tastings, brew pubs
#HoCoWine Half-price wine nights, deals, new offerings, festivals and local wine news
#HoCoRestaurantWeeks Howard County’s Restaurant Weeks’ events, news and restaurant reviews
Also consider … #HoCoLocavore, #HoCoSushi, #HoCoPizza, #HoCoCoffee etc.
Also visit …

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Hope you all have a wonderful start of your work week.

Scott E

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