Here are some interesting Pinterest tips you may not be familiar with but might find useful:

1. Secret Boards:

On Pinterest you have the option to create three secret boards that will only be visible to you and other board contributors (if you add some).


If you scroll to the bottom of your account, you will see the option to create three secret boards. You can learn how to create a secret board by reading the post 6 Ways Businesses Can Make the Most of the Latest Pinterest Updates and you can learn how to use them by reading the post 3 Tips For Using Pinterest Secret Boards.

2. Get more privacy:

On Pinterest, your profile is public, everyone can check out your boards and see what you pin. But you have a few options that can make it more private.


You can prevent your profile from appearing in search results on search engines. You can also ask Pinterest to stop tracking your data to personalize your experience. More details about how Pinterest tracks your data and how they use it to better your experience can be found here. Both these settings can be changed under the settings page too.

3. Manage Email Notifications:

Are you frustrated with receiving an email every time someone repins or likes an image or follows you on Pinterest? Well you can stop receiving email notifications for each everything by making a few changes under ‘Email Notifications’ on the account settings page.


Just choose yes for things you would like to receive and no for things you wouldn’t like to. You can also ask Pinterest to send these updates once a day at most, instead of each every time they happen. If you would like to completely stop receiving email notifications choose ‘No’ for the ‘Get email notifications’ option under account settings.

4. Automatic Pin Descriptions:

Usually if you don’t highlight any text, the words the image has been labelled with or the words set up by the website owner while placing the ‘Pin It’ button, will appear as the description of the pin. So if you have a website or a blog, make sure you’re labelling your images with appropriate and relevant names as this will ensure that all pins from your website have good descriptions which can play a key role in getting more pins and repins.

5. What’s Being Pinned:

You can easily find out what’s being pinned from a website by using the URL Just replace websitedomainname with the website domain and you will be able to see the latest pins being shared.


For e.g. the latest pins that are being pinned from Social Marketing Writing can be seen by using the link

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