Social Media Cheat Sheet (for users)

There are MANY social media options today and picking the right one (or more) to be on can seem a daunting task. Likeable Media has put together a nice little cheat cheat sheet just for users.

Now personally, my favorites are Twitter and LinkedIn. As noted above, I use Twitter as my primary resource for news. I use LinkedIn to make business connections and follow my friends career paths and changes. Don’t get me wrong, I am on all of the channels listed above (yes, even Snapchat – having a teenage daughter almost makes that a requirement). Each social media channel has advantages and it is important that in my business (ScottE Software) I am as familiar with each platform as possible. If you are still unsure which channel to be on, read the cheat sheet above and maybe that will give you some guidance.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.

Scott E


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