Vote for Alina Milauskas – Long Reach High Softball

OK, we all know that I am the guy that writes about the Long Reach High JV Softball team during the softball season. I thought I would take an opportunity to promote one of the Varsity team members: Alina Milauskas (@leanbean_7)

Alina Milauskas

Brent Kennedy (Sports Editor for Howard County Times) is running a poll asking “Which softball player should be the focus of our next feature Q&A“? There are 10 players from various schools listed in the poll…but I am a Long Reach High School fan so that is how I have voted the last two days. Here is where you vote:

As of right now Courtney Colosimo from Long Reach High is leading in total votes, but there is plenty of time for the Long Reach High students, parents and fans to turn the tide. You can vote once per day (everyday through Tuesday)…so get out the vote (#GOTV).

I truly wish all of the young ladies the best of luck and look forward to seeing the final results on Tuesday evening.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Scott E

Some great Long Reach High School Softball (and other) Twitter accounts to follow:

Coach Boardman: @LRHS_BOARDMAN

Heather Clausen: @clausen_heather

Steve Satterfield: @scsatterfield

LRHS_Softball: @LRHS_softball

LRHS_Boosters: @LRHS_Boosters

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