Guy Guzzone

I figured I would close out March with my final evaluation of another State Senator that represents Howard County. This time around I will be looking into the social media outreach of Guy Guzzone (Maryland State Senator – District 13).

(Click the followers numbers to see the social media pages)

Social Media









Facebook – Guy Guzzone holds the second most Facebook followers among all of the State Senators that represent Howard County. The activity from this account picked up significantly on February 20th. Posts have been very frequent and have contained useful information for followers.

Twitter -Guy Guzzone holds the most Twitter followers among all of the State Senators that represent Howard County. Activity from this account picked up significantly on February 11th. They are near that magic 1,000 followers mark and it would not surprise me if they hit that number very soon.

Recommendations – There has been less than two months of great posts on Facebook and Twitter and as such I had to give grades of B for both accounts. I will say that if each of these accounts continue to post useful information on the frequency that they have recently shown, I see no reason why I would not raise that grade to an A in the next evaluation. I would also recommend to his team to look at other social media outreach opportunities (maybe Instagram) in the near future.

Overall: Based on the outreach listed I would have to give an overall grade of B to State Senator Guzzone.

All in all, great job. Keep up the great work!

Scott E