Social Media Report Card – Ed Kasemeyer

Senator Kasemeyer

I figured I would stick with evaluating the State Senators that represent Howard County. This time around I will be looking into the social media outreach of Ed Kasemeyer (Maryland State Senator – District 12).

(Click the followers numbers to see the social media pages)

Social Media









Facebook – There have only been two posts in March (the last one was on March 3rd) and only two posts in February. I really could not give a grade higher than C.

Recommendations – Much more outreach on Facebook would be a good first step. Four posts in two months is not enough to keep citizens informed about what is happening in Annapolis. The recent “Maryland First Citizen Award” would have made a great social media post (just as a suggestion). It might also be time for State Senators staff to look into using Twitter for additional outreach to residents in District 12.

Overall – Based on the outreach listed I would have to give an overall grade of D to State Senator Kasemeyer.

Time will tell if changes are made going forward. I can only make my recommendations and hope for the best.

Scott E


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