Social Media Report Card – Gail Bates

Gail Bates

I thought I would kickoff this months evaluations with elected officials in District 9. First up Gail Bates (Maryland State Senate – District 9).

(Click the followers numbers to see the social media pages)

Social Media









Extra Credit




Facebook – There have not been many posts from this account (only two posts this month) and as such I could not give a grade higher than C.

Twitter – Only one post this month and only 5 posts in all of February is the primary reason for this grade. One other negative (only a minor one) is that the account name changed as as such the link on the campaign website ( no longer works. That is why I marked this down from a C to a C-.

Extra Credit – I think it is great that Senator Bates lists her LinkedIn account on her campaign website…one minor problem is title still says “Maryland State Delegate & Candidate for Maryland State Senate, District 9”. For that mistake I marked it down from an A to a B.

Recommended improvements – Posting more often on Facebook and Twitter would be a big step forward. Correcting the title on LinkedIn and updating the Twitter link on the campaign website would be great and should be easy and quick to fix.

Overall – I would give Gail Bates a grade letter of C.

Scott E



  1. I’d love to hear a response from one of the folks you rate and how they plan to improve their scores to become more connected with their constituency.

    Thanks for keeping me up to date on HoCo politicians Scott!


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