Social Media Report Card – Greg Fox

Greg Fox

Just snuck in under the wire with this post and now all Social Media Report Cards for the Howard County Council Members are complete. My final evaluation is for Greg Fox (Howard County Council – District 5).

(Click the followers numbers to see the social media pages…at least on Facebook)

Social Media









Facebook – Greg Fox ranks 5th in the number of Facebook followers amongst County Council Members. All Facebook posts in 2015 have been about school closings (no other topic at all listed online). There just is not enough posts or useful information to give a grade higher than “C”.

Recommendations – It is 2015 and maybe a good time for Greg Fox to reevaluate his communications strategy to residents of District 5 in Howard County. More posts on Facebook and utilization of other social media tools like Twitter might be a good idea for his team to evaluate. It would also be helpful to have your social media link(s) on your County Council Webpage.

Overall – I would give Greg Fox a grade letter of D. (See recommendations as to why).

I will be very interested in seeing how communication to District 5 residents is handled going forward.

Scott E

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