Social Media Report Card – Mary Kay Sigaty

Mary Kay Sigaty

I am up early this morning to complete the fourth Social Media Report Card for the Howard County Council. This time around I am evaluating Mary Kay Sigaty (Howard County Council – District 4).

(Click the followers numbers to see the social media pages)

Social Media









Facebook – Mary Kay Sigaty ranks fourth in the total number of Facebook followers. In an interesting twist on linking accounts together, Mary Kay Sigaty links her Twitter account back to her Facebook page. I have to say that I have not seen this very often (and there is a reason for that) and I am not totally sure it works from a visual perspective. Here is an example (see photo below) of some recent Facebook posts:

Mary Kay Sigaty Facebook Posts
Click for larger view

Twitter – Mary Kay Sigaty ranks second in the total number of Twitter followers. Posts from this account are sporadic. There was activity in late January and then again on February 17th and 19th…but nothing about the most significant snow storm yesterday. There is just not enough activity to provide a grade higher than “C”.

Recommended Improvements – I would start with more posts for your followers in District 4. There just is not enough information coming from the accounts today. Second I would unlink the Twitter and Facebook accounts. Having those accounts linked may be a primary contributor to having one of the lowest number of Facebook followers amongst the County council members. Finally I would recommend getting your social media links on your County Council webpage (maybe find out how Jen Terrasa got her links on there and do the same).

Overall – I would give Mary Kay a grade letter of C- (the “-” really is about the linking of Facebook and Twitter together).

I look forward to following these accounts going forward and seeing what changes are implemented.

Scott E


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