Social Media Report Card – Jen Terrasa


Another snow day so what a good opportunity to write another report card. At this rate I will finish all of the County Council evaluations by the end of February. This time around I am evaluating Jen Terrasa (Howard County Council – District 3).

I live in Jen Terrasa’s district so these are accounts I personally follow very closely.

Social Media









Extra Credit




Facebook – Jen Terrasa ranks third in number of Facebook followers. Post are pretty infrequent. Last post was on February 12th and only four posts so far in 2015.

Twitter – Jen Terrasa ranks third in the number of Twitter followers. The account was pretty active in late January and early February but posts have fallen off and the last post was on February 4th.

Extra Credit – When elected officials use more than just Facebook and Twitter, I will recognize them with “Extra Credit” to their overall grade. I love that Jen Terrasa lists her LinkedIn profile on her County Council webpage (see photo below) and on her campaign website (which is still active). I lowered the grade from an “A” to a “B” because the link on the County Council webpage is not correct (it points to her Facebook page).

Jen Terrasa County Council PageRecommended improvements – Posting more often on Facebook and Twitter would be a big step forward. Nothing from the accounts about the snow storm today is a little disappointing. Fixing that link on the County Council page for the LinkedIn page should be done ASAP.

Overall – I would give Jen a grade letter of C+ (the + is due to the extra credit item).

I have full faith that Jen Terrasa (or her staff) can make the necessary improvements listed above to improve her social media outreach to District 3 residents (like me).

Scott E


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