Social Media Report Card – Calvin Ball

Calvin Ball

It is a snow day…so I thought I would take some time to work on another #HoCoMD Social Media Report Card (I know I said it might be a month before I got to this but being home and indoors today game me the time to work on this one early). This time around I am evaluating Calvin Ball (Howard County Council – District 2).

Calvin Ball is the most active member of the County Council on social media. Let’s take a look at his numbers:

Social Media









Facebook – Calvin by far has the most followers on Facebook of all of the County Council members. He is super active with great content. This is one of my favorite local accounts that I follow. Well deserved of the “A+” grade.

Twitter – Calvin has the most followers on Twitter of all of the County Council members. He is very active…but still is linking his Facebook account to Twitter. As as example of why this is a bad idea, here is a photo of some of his tweets this morning:

Calvin Ball Tweets

Recommended improvements: First and foremost is to unlink the Facebook and Twitter accounts. When sharing other pages information on Facebook it just does not translate to Twitter as you can see above. That is the primary reason I dropped the Twitter grade letter to a “B”. More social media outreach would be fantastic (maybe Instagram). Get your links on your County Council page – maybe ask Jen Terrasa how she added her links on her page.

Overall: I would give Calvin a grade letter of A-.

I really enjoy the posts from Calvin Ball and look forward to his great updates online going forward.

I hope everyone has a wonderful snow day. Stay off the roads if at all possible. Look for the evaluation of District 3 (Jen Terrasa) in the near future.

Scott E

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