Social Media Report Card – Jon Weinstein

Jon Weinstein

It has been a while since I have done a political social media post. I thought I would kick this off by evaluating the #HOCOMD County Council members social media outreach. I plan to do this every month and select a different elected official. It only seems right to start in District one with Jon Weinstein.

Jon is the newest member of the council. I am happy to see him embrace technology outreach through social media. Here are his follower numbers and grade: (click the links to see the social media page)

Social Media

Jon Weinstein








Facebook – Jon has the second most followers of all the County Council members on Facebook. I have to say this is pretty impressive. Jon is very active on Facebook with helpful and useful information.

Twitter – Jon ranks fourth in Twitter followers of all of the County Council members. He is active on Twitter, but the account does go idle at times. For example, he has only tweeted three times in February. I almost dropped this to a “C” but the account was more active in January and that is why I gave him a “B”.

Recommended improvements: I wish Jon was on more social media channels. Instagram would be a good one that I would recommend based on the number of pictures Jon shares on his social media channels. I would also like to see Jon’s social media links on his County Council page (If Jen can have her links on her page, why can’t the others do the same).

Overall: I would give Jon a grade letter of B.

Jon should be pleased with this grade. Trust me, based on what I am seeing with other accounts this may be one of my higher grades in the county.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Look for the evaluation of District 2 (Calvin Ball) in the near future.

Scott E

Want a good central resource to follow all of the elected officials social media accounts? Check out the Elected Officials page on HoCoBlogs:

HoCoBlogs Elected Officials



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