iPhone 6

There are a great many fun and new iPhone 6 features that I enjoy, but I thought I would write about 5 of my favorites:

1) Shoot smoother video

iPhone 6 Video

Enable “Record Video at 60 FPS” in Settings >Photos & Camera to shoot twice as many frames per second.

2) Enable emoji characters

emoji characters

Go to Settings >General >Keyboard >Keyboards Add >New Keyboard and select Emoji. Now when you type, just tap the smiley face button or touch and hold the globe button and select Emoji, then choose whatever fits the mood.

3) Identify a song 

Indentify a song

Siri knows the name of the song that’s playing around you. Just ask “What song is playing?” and it will tell you the title and artist.

4) Broadcast live with AirPlay


When connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use AirPlay Mirroring to share exactly what’s on your iPhone with your HDTV connected to an Apple TV. Just access Control Center by swiping up, tap AirPlay, and select your TV.

5) Find my iPhone

Find My iPhone

If you’ve lost your iPhone, Find My iPhone can help you locate it. Go to Settings >iCloud and turn on the Find My iPhone feature. Turn on Send Last Location to send the last known location of your iPhone to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level.

Enjoy these iPhone 6 tips and have a wonderful week.

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