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In part two, let’s look at some of the other races important to Howard County residents.


  • Larry Hogan

Larry Hogan was named the Technology Outreach Leader and won by receiving 51.5% of the vote in this race. Larry’s Change Maryland Facebook page was the best social media account in this election cycle that I reviewed.

Meeting with Larry Hogan at the 2014 HoCoFair
Meeting with Larry Hogan at the 2014 HoCoFair

State Senate – District 9:

  • Gail Bates

Gail Bates was named the Technology Outreach Leader in this race and received 65.9% of the votes.

State Delegate – District 9A:

  • Trent Kittleman
  • Warren Miller

No big surprises here with both Republican candidates winning easily. Warren Miller was named one of the Technology Outreach Leaders in this race.

State Delegate – District 9B:

  • Bob Flanagan

Bob Flanagan won with 55% of the votes. Ok, I have to admit I was totally shocked by this result. I really thought Tom Coale would take this race. Tom was without question one of my favorite candidates this election cycle and I hope to see more from him in the future. 

State Senate – District 12:

  • Edward J. Kasemeyer

I pretty much expected this result in this race. Ed Kasemeyer won with 58.6% of the vote.

State Delegate – District 12:

  • Eric Ebersole
  • Terri L. Hill
  • Clarence K. Lam

All three winners were named as the Technology Outreach Leaders in District 12. I will note that Joe Hooe had a very nice showing on the Republican side of this race.

State Senate – District 13:

  • Guy J. Guzzone

Guy won this race handily by taking 62.2% of the votes. Now if I can just get him to correct some of the social media mistakes going forward…

State Delegate – District 13:

  • Vanessa Atterbeary
  • Shane Pendergrass
  • Frank S. Turner

This was by far the most disappointing race in terms of technology outreach. I will note that Vanessa Atterbury was named one of the Technology Outreach Leaders in this race. I can only hope that we will see much more outreach from Pendergrass and Turner at some point in the future.

Interested in the full results of all races throughout Maryland, check them out here:

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