I Voted

In this two part series, I will review what happened earlier this week on election day/night. I want to start with the local results for Howard County:

Howard County Executive:

  • Allan Kittleman

Great campaign gathering 51.4% of the vote and named a “Social Media All-Star” earlier this year.

Shelby sporting the Kittleman t-shirt in Ellicott City
Shelby sporting her Kittleman t-shirt in Ellicott City

Howard County Council:

District 1:

  • Jon Weinstein

Jon was named the Technology Outreach Leader in this race and won by a slim 420+ votes.

District 2:

  • Calvin Ball

No surprise here as Calvin Ball received just over 60% of the votes. Calvin also had a significant technology outreach advantage in this race.

District 3:

  • Jen Terrasa

Ran unopposed

District 4:

  • Mary Kay Sigaty

Ran unopposed

District 5:

  • Greg Fox

A commanding win with over 70% of the votes going his way. Now if we can just get him on social media to engage with his district…

Board of Education

  • Cynthia L. Vaillancourt
  • Sandra H. French
  • Bess I. Altwerger
  • Christine O’Connor

OK, I never did a technology outreach scorecard on the HoCoBOE race but I did give a shoutout to Christine O’Conner. It was great to see her Twitter posts. I hope to see much more from her and the other BOE members in the future.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 8.30.33 AM

Interested in the full results of all of the local races here in Howard County, check them out here:  http://elections.state.md.us/elections/2014/results/General/gen_results_2014_2_by_county_140.html

Coming soon in Part 2 – I will look at the Governor’s race as well as various State Senate and Delegate races of interest here in Howard County.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 5.19.42 AMI hope you enjoyed the Technology Outreach Scorecards during the 2014 election cycle and will consider voting in the 2014 Baltimore Sun Mobbies. You can vote for the ScottE Software Blog in the Best New Blog or any other categories you think we are deserving. Click the logo to vote.

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