General Election
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Today is the big day that all of the candidates have been building up to for months. If you were not able to get out to the polls during early voting, make sure to get out today.

Still not sure who to vote for today in Howard County? Here are a few resources for you:

Social MediaAre you ready for the social media tsunami that is going to happen today? If you are following candidates, expect a HIGH volume of posts on Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+ and Instagram designed to get out the vote (#GOTV). For the candidates that have built, cultivated and grown their social media accounts, this will be a great tool to remind your followers to vote today. For those candidates that did not do a good job with social media, well we just have to chalk this up to a missed opportunity for you today. As for me, I will have posts about the local Technology Outreach Scorecards posting every hour on the hour.

I expect these to be some of the more popular hashtags used today (#GOTV, #MDPolitics, #HoCoPolitics, #MDREPS and #MDDEMS). I am sure there will be many more popular hashtags used today. If you see something trending, let me know in the comments.

I have had the opportunity to meet a number of great candidates (Republican and Democrat) this year. I wish you all the best today and look forward to watching the results come in tonight. Not sure where I am going to be to watch the results tonight…any suggestions?

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Scott E #HoCoPolitics


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