3 Must Have iPhone Apps for Howard County Maryland Residents

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It has been a while since I have written a non-political blog post and I thought it was time to put one out there. These are three of my favorite iPhone apps that are useful to Howard County Residents. (Click the icons/logos to view the apps in the App Store)

Tell HoCo1. Tell HoCo

Tell HoCo is an easy way for anyone to report non-emergency issues to Howard County, Maryland while on-the-go, such as potholes, damaged street signs, graffiti, street maintenance, street light issues, damaged trees, park maintenance and more. Using your phone’s GPS, you can help identify the exact location of the problem, and with the use of its camera, you can attach a picture, as well. You’ll be able to track your issue from the time it is reported until it is resolved. Tell HoCo makes it easier than ever to report a problem.

(I have downloaded this app but have yet to use it. I am hoping residents are using it to report problems to the County. I would love some feedback from users of the app.)

CA2. Columbia Association: Pathways

Columbia Association strives to be a community that welcomes diversity, respects the land and fosters the growth and well- being of individuals. In support of this vision, Columbia Association offers a wide range of recreational, cultural and community services. Columbia Association also maintains more than 3,500 acres of open space as a permanent asset for residents. Neighborhood amenities include lakes, parks, tot lots, basketball and tennis courts and more than 93.5 miles of walking, jogging and biking pathways.

To help promote the existence and use of the Columbia Pathway System to a growing technologically savvy community, Columbia Association has developed this app to be a convenient reference guide to all recreational and cultural services throughout the community.

(I really like all of the information this app provides. It is much more than just the pathways around Columbia. I would highly recommend downloading it.)

Columbia MD Bars3. Columbia MD Bars

Great resource for information about various hot spots in the Columbia, MD area.

– Access websites of establishments
– Get maps and directions from your current location
– Call now feature for iPhone users directly to the establishment

(OK, yes I know a shameless plug for my own app. It can be very useful as it contains menus, phone numbers, directions and more information to some of the fun establishments to visit in Columbia, MD. Most importantly is that is has the phone number to Columbia Cab – always a useful resource when visiting one of the establishments.)

I hope you find the three apps useful to you. I will continue to evaluate local apps and inform followers about ones that they should download and evaluate.

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Scott E


  1. for those of use without iPhones at least two are also on Android. The Columbia Path Maps app on Android is a monster (110MB).


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