Delegate 9A LogoThis will be the final evaluation of this race. If you are interested in the September evaluation, click here. Now on to this evaluation…

The candidates:


Walter Carson –

James Ward Morrow –


Trent Kittleman –

Warren E. Miller (Delegate District 9A) –

The Scorecard: (Click the “Yes” or follower numbers below to view the social media page)




Walter E. Carson

346 (+182)

118 (+54)

James Ward Morrow

322 (+7)

688 (+8)

Trent Kittleman

254 (+1)

Warren E. Miller

408 (+66)


Comments: Walter Carson made the biggest splash in September adding over 180 new followers on Facebook and over 50 new followers on Twitter. I was happy to see his accounts with more activity and obviously using techniques to get new followers.

Warren Miller did a really good job in adding over 60 new followers on Facebook. I was very happy to see him begin using his Twitter account after the last evaluation in September. He has a nice following on that platform and I will be very interested to see if he continues to use the account going forward.

Ward Morrow did not attract many new followers on either account over the past month. Ward should look into posting information more often on both accounts over the final month of campaigning.

Trent Kittleman…well…no social media posts from this candidate since the past evaluation…so is it any wonder she only picked up one new follower?

Now we all know that follower trends is only one part of technology outreach, follower engagement is as (if not more) important. Let’s take a look at engagement numbers on Facebook:

Here is a look at the Facebook activity over the past week of the candidate pages in this race: (Click photo for full size)

Delegate 9A Facebook Activity October

Walter Carson was the most active amongst the candidates and as such he had the most follower engagement (likes, shares and comments) over the past week.

Delegate Warren Miller and Ward Morrow are my two technology outreach leaders in this race. They both have follower strength on Twitter and Facebook and have been the most active throughout all of the evaluations. Walter Carson showed some significant improvements over the past month but not soon enough for me to have him break into one of the top two positions.

Early voting begins on October 23rd. Make sure you know where to vote (Click the graphic for Howard County locations):

Early Voting

I have some special posts planned during early voting. I will be listing out “My Favorite” Howard County candidates and promoting them on the blog site and all of the ScottE Software social media channels.

Make sure to cheer on the Ravens this afternoon as they take on the Colts.

Scott E #HoCoPolitics



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