Maryland State Senate – District 12 – September Technology Scorecard

Senate 12It has been exactly one month since I have evaluated this race. Let’s take a look at how the candidates are doing with their online outreach.

The candidates:

Edward Kasemeyer (D) –

Jesse Pippy (R) –

The Scorecard: (Click the “Yes” or follower numbers below to view the social media page)






Edward Kasemeyer (D)

312 (+145)

Jesse Pippy (R)

1330 (+493)

365 (+8)

7 (+1)


Comments: Senator Kasemeyer has done a good job by adding almost 150 new followers to his Facebook campaign account page. I wish the team was using other platforms for outreach.

Jesse Pippy has continued to make significant gains on Facebook adding almost 500 new followers in the past month. He continues to be the only candidate on Twitter and Instagram and now also lists his LinkedIn account on his campaign website.

A few suggestions for the Pippy team: more use of hashtags and mentions on Twitter could help gain additional followers; more posts on Instagram (it has been a while since any new photos were added); and clean up the NUMEROUS YouTube links on your website (they all point to the same video – no need for 8 links).

Now we all know that follower trends is only one part of technology outreach, follower engagement is as (if not more) important. Let’s take a look at engagement numbers on Facebook:

Here is a look at the Facebook activity over the past week of the candidate pages in this race: (Click photo for full size)

Senate 12 Facebook September

Jesse Pippy had the best week in follower engagement (likes, comments and shares). Both candidates were equally active with two posts each this week (both should be more active than that).

I have to continue to say that Jesse Pippy holds the technology outreach advantage in this race. He holds the follower advantages and is on significantly more platforms for outreach.

Scott E #HoCoPolitics


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