Maryland State Delegate – District 04 – September Technology Scorecard

Delegate 4 LogoI was hoping for more online activity in this race than I have seen recently. Some candidates are more active than others but most can/should be more active.

If you are interested in the August evaluation, click here.

Now on to this evaluation…

The candidates:


Gene Stanton –


Kathy Afzali (Delegate District 4A) –

Kelly Schulz (Delegate District 4A) –

David Vogt III –

The Scorecard: (Click the “Yes” or follower numbers below to view the social media page)





Gene Stanton

412 (+5)

138 (+12)

Kathy Afzali

792 (+4)

1458 (-2)

Kelly Schulz

1188 (+104)

98 (+13)

David Vogt III

1205 (+5)

5620 (-21)


Comments: Kelly Schulz added the most new Facebook and Twitter followers over the past month.

Gene Stanton added the second most new Twitter followers over the past month.

Kathy Afzali and David Vogt both lost more Twitter followers than they gained over the past month. This has become a trend for these two candidates and their campaign Twitter accounts.

Many of the candidates are linking their Facebook and Twitter accounts. I believe this is hurting their ability to promote and gain new followers on Twitter. I highly recommend all of the candidates read this article:

Now we all know that follower trends is only one part of technology outreach, follower engagement is as (if not more) important. Let’s take a look at engagement numbers on Facebook:

Here is a look at the Facebook activity over the past week of the candidate pages in this race: (Click photo for full size)

Delegate 4 Facebook Activity September

David Vogt was the most active (posts) and had the best week on Facebook with follower engagement. He received more likes, shares and comments than the other candidates.

I will continue to say that all three Republican candidates hold the technology outreach lead in this race. They have more overall outreach and Gene Stanton just isn’t adding the follower numbers or has the follower engagement rate that shows him breaking into the top three spots at this time. He has time to change this before November.

Scott E

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