Courtney and Allan sharing a mealIt has been just over a month since I looked at this race and the outreach comparison between these two candidates (you can view the August evaluation here). Courtney and Allan remain my two favorite candidates to follow in Howard County.

Now on to the evaluation…

The candidates:

Courtney Watson – Democrat –

Allan Kittleman – Republican –

The Scorecard: (Click the “Yes” or follower numbers below to view the social media page)


Courtney Watson

Allan Kittleman


3370 (+499)

3440 (+303)


1733 (+79)

2007 (+95)



28 (+1)










188 (+24)

24 (+8)





Comments: Allan added the most new Twitter followers over the past month and continues to hold the follower advantage on Facebook and Twitter.

Courtney added by far the most new followers on Facebook (almost 500 new followers).

Courtney added a nice number of new Instagram followers over the past month and holds a significant follower advantage on that platform. To be fair, Allan has not been on that platform for very long and he is not listing that platform on his website. I really hope his team corrects this error soon.

Now we all know that follower trends is only one part of technology outreach, follower engagement is as (if not more) important. Let’s take a look at engagement numbers on Twitter and Facebook:

Here is a look at the candidates Twitter profiles, activity and engagement: (Click photo for full size)

Howard County CE Twitter Stats September

The key item to look at is “Popularity”. This shows the number of recent retweets and favorites. Courtney holds a pretty significant advantage in the “Popularity” category. She has nearly triple the amount of Twitter follower engagement activity in this race.

Here is a look at the Facebook activity over the past week of the candidate pages in this race: (Click photo for full size)

Howard County CE Facebook Activity September

Courtney had the best week on Facebook with nearly double the number of Facebook likes, comments and shares from campaign posts.

In summary, Allan has the followers and Courtney has the follower engagement. I am not at a point to pick one candidate over the other at this time. We (here in Howard County) are very fortunate to have two candidates that are great at utilizing technology for outreach and engagement with potential voters.

ScottE #HoCoPolitics


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