Maryland State Delegate – District 12 – September Technology Scorecard

Logos of Delegate District 12Activity in this race has been pretty light overall. I am hoping to see a lot more activity from the candidates as we approach November. Interested in the August evaluation – Click Here

Now on to this evaluation…

The candidates:


Eric Ebersole –

Terri Hill –

Clarence K. Lam –


Gordon Bull –

Joseph D.”Joe” Hooe –

Rick Martel – No website found via Google searches

The Scorecard: (Click the “Yes” or follower numbers below to view the social media page)






Eric Ebersole

583 (+22)

93 (+13)

Terri Hill

761 (+23)

75 (+17)

Clarence K. Lam

561 (+4)

484 (+31)



Gordon Bull

351 (+8)

Joseph D. “Joe” Hooe

249 (+6)

67 (+1)

Rick Martel

162 (+1)

Comments: Clarence Lam added the most new Twitter followers over the past month. He continues to hold a commanding advantage over all other candidates on that platform.

Terri Hill added the most new Facebook followers since the last evaluation (followed closely by Eric Ebersole). Terri continues to hold the most overall followers on Facebook in this race.

Not many positives to point out for the GOP candidates in this scorecard. I remain surprised that Rick Martel still has not launched a website for his campaign.

Here is a look at the Facebook activity over the past week of the candidate pages in this race: (Terri Hill had the best week on Facebook with follower engagement).

September Facebook Activity Delegate 12

All of the Democrat candidates continue to hold a significant technology outreach advantage in this race. As I mentioned above, I really hope to see more posts from all of these candidates going forward. I am hoping for a lot more to report on in the October evaluation.

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it is a fun exercise to do and makes a great resource for following all of these candidates.

Scott E #HoCoPolitics

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