August Technology Scorecard – Maryland Candidates for Governor

Maryland Gov CandidatesThis is the first evaluation where I am putting the Democrat and Republican candidates side by side. First let us take a look at the Primary results:

Gov Primary Results

Comments: No real surprises here. I think most everyone believed it would come down to Brown vs Hogan in the General. Now the real fun begins. Let us take a look at how they stack up side by side…

The candidates:

Anthony Brown (D)

Larry Hogan (R)

The Scorecard: (Click the “Yes” or follower numbers below to view the social media page)





15,459 (+1,896)

109,068 (+15,529)


2,939 (+431)

1,895 (+600)


87 (+33)

123 (+57)







Comments: Larry Hogan continues to make significant follower gains with his “Change Maryland” Facebook account. Adding over 15,000 new followers since June and now nearing 110,000 followers, this team holds a significant outreach advantage on that platform. Larry also added the most new Twitter followers since the June evaluation.

Anthony Brown continues to hold the overall follower advantage on Twitter in this race. Another significant fact is that Ken Ulman has an extremely popular Twitter account with almost 8,000 followers. That is a significant advantage for the Brown/Ulman team.

One item I am a little disappointed with is that both campaigns seems to have abandoned Instagram. They both still have accounts but neither lists them on their websites nor have there been any posts on that platform in quite some time. I continue to list this platform on the scorecards but if there are no posts between now and the next evaluation I will remove it from the scorecard next month.

Here is an interesting bit of information that came out over the past week: GOP poll shows tight race for governor: Brown 45, Hogan 42.

GOP Poll August

Now keep in mind that this was a GOP poll but the Hogan team has to be pleased with those numbers. You can read the full report here:

Here is a look at the Facebook activity over the past week of the candidate pages in this race: (No surprise that the “Change Maryland” account had more activity based on the total number of followers. I will note that 75 posts in a week seems excessive. Maybe not SO many posts would be nice for the followers of that page).

Maryland Gov Facebook  Activity August

I would give a slight advantage to the Hogan team for technology outreach. Their Facebook presence is just impressive. The advantage on Twitter for the Brown/Ulman team is the reason I only give Hogan a slight advantage. Next month I will start adding the Lt. Governor candidates social media links on the scorecard. This should add an interesting look at the overall outreach in this race.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been following your blog, and am wondering if you think the name of the two gubernatorial candidate’s Facebook pages affect likes? If you were two just look at the names of the two accounts it’s obvious that Brown’s is for a political figure, but Hogan’s “Change Maryland: may be misconstrued as just a grassroots/political group rather than a candidate’s page… In my opinion it may mean that the “likes” may not be representative of Hogan’s outright support.


    • crazinasian…I use the links that the candidates use on their campaign websites. I believe at this point everyone is very aware that this is Larry Hogan’s account being used in this race. It had a significant following prior to him getting into the race (over 50,000 followers) and they have significantly grown in since January.

      Thank you for the comment. I hope you are enjoying the various posts on the blog site.


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