Maryland State Delegate – District 31B – Primary Results

Delegate District 31B

Here are the results of the Primary Election on June 24th

Delegate 31B Primary Results

Comments: Jeremiah Chiappelli and Doug Morris move forward making Stan Janor the odd man out on the Democrat side of this race. Stan had the only online presence of those candidates and I will be hard pressed to follow this race going forward if the other candidates don’t get online soon. Nic Kipke wins on the Republican side (this was really not a sursprise at all). The real race turned out to be for second place. Meagan Simonaire took that slot easily. This was not a total surprise but the margin did surprise me a little. I was a big fan of Brian Chisholm’s online strategy and was a little disappointed that he finished 4th on the Republican side of this race. I hope to see more from him in future races. You have to believe that Kipke and Simonaire have a significant advantage going forward based on the number of votes cast in the Primary.

Interested in the June Technology Outreach Scorecard? Check it out here:

Scott E

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