Howard County Council – District One Race – Primary Results

Howard County Council Districts Map

Here are the results of the Primary Election on June 24th

HCC District 1 Primary Results

Comments – On the Republican side of the race Kevin Schmidt wins big taking over 65% of the vote. It was a much more competitive race on the Democrat side of the ticket. Wendy Royalty finished third. I was a big fan of her overall social media outreach during the campaign. Lisa Markovitz finished second. Lisa made a significant push on social media during the final three weeks of the race. We can only wonder what might have happened had she started that push just a little earlier. Winning the Democratic primary was Jon Weinstein. Jon had taken significant follower advantages on Facebook and Twitter in June and takes the win by over 200 votes over Lisa Markovitz. You have to think that Jon holds a slight advantage over Kevin going forward based on the total number of votes cast in the Primary.

Interested in the June Technology Outreach Scorecard? Check it out here:

Scott E #HoCoPolitics


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