Maryland State Delegate – District 04 – Primary Results

Maryland Flag

Here are the results of the Primary Election on June 24th

Delegate District 4 Primary Results


Comments: Gene Stanton was the only Democrat running so he moves on to the next round. The Republican side of the race turned out very interesting results. Candidates teamed up (Schultz and Peters vs Afzali, Ciliberti and Vogt). Well they sort of split as the current Delegates (Afzali and Schultz) move forward and they bring with them Vogt. I was a little surprised as I had high hopes for Peters. I think what hurt her was that she and Schultz were on the losing side of the very contested Senate race. Peters did have my favorite social media campaign in this race. It will be interesting to see if the GOP candidates come together going forward.

Delegate Afzali was one of the Delegates that voted against the Labor and Employment – User Name and Password Privacy Protection and Exclusions bill in 2012. In a future post I will write a more detailed analysis about this bill and why it is important. If you like social media this is an important fact you should look into before voting in November.

Interested in the June Technology Outreach Scorecard? Check it out here:

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