Maryland State Senate D9 Candidates

Here are the results of the Primary Election on June 24th

Primary Results Senate D9Comments – For the Democrats, I had been saying that from a technology outreach perspective that the difference between the two candidates did not warrant selecting an outright leader. The voting would seem to indicate that my evaluation was pretty correct. A very close race separated by less than 300 votes. Congrats to Ryan Frederic on the Primary win. I am looking forward to watching his campaign going forward. For the Republicans, Gail Bates ran unopposed. If you look at the overall vote total you have to believe that Ryan Frederic may have a slight advantage but getting out the vote and winning over independents will be important for both candidates.

Delegate Bates was one of the Delegates that voted against the Labor and Employment – User Name and Password Privacy Protection and Exclusions bill in 2012. I will write a more detailed analysis about this bill and why it is important in a future post.

Click here to view the June Technology Scorecard
Click here to view the June Technology Scorecard

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