Maryland State Delegate – District 9A – Primary Results

Howard County Districts

Here are the results of the Primary Election on June 24th

Primary Results District 9A

Comments – For the Democrats, no real drama here as Carson and Morrow both advance. For the Republicans, well this was the real story of this Primary. Delegate Miller lead all vote getters on the GOP side (no real surprise there). The race really came down to the second place position. It turned out to be a very close race between Trent Kittleman and Frank Mirabile with Kittleman coming out on top by a slim 60 vote margin (so far). To be honest I was happy to see this result (based on various social media comments from the Mirabile accounts). Going forward you would have to say that the GOP candidates have the advantage but the independent voters could decide this race if they come out in November.

Delegate Miller was one of the Delegates that voted against the Labor and Employment – User Name and Password Privacy Protection and Exclusions bill in 2012. In a future post I will write a more detailed analysis about this bill and why it is important.

Click here to view the June Technology Scorecard
Click here to view the June Technology Scorecard

Scott E #HoCoPolitics

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