Howard County Democratic Central Committee – May Technology Scorecard

Howard County DemocratsA few people have asked when I would get around to updating this scorecard so I thought I would take this opportunity to do the update. I was happy that searching Google turned up a few new candidate social media pages.

You can view the March evaluation here:

Similar to the last scorecard, I wanted to make sure anyone reading this evaluation knows a little more about the HCDCC: (Information obtained from the Howard County Democrats website):

What is the Democratic Central Committee?                   

The Howard County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) is the county branch of the Maryland Democratic Party. Twelve Central Committee members are elected to a four year term by Democratic voters in the Gubernatorial Primary election.

The HCDCC exists to facilitate the election of DEMOCRATS.These elected members are not managers, board directors, or policy makers. They are elected to work directly in the trenches on behalf of the Party  and to organize an ongoing presence in the county. They are the people who do the actual tasks of helping get Democrats elected. HCDCC members are election workers and help train volunteers and do party building activities. They encourage the participation of activists, volunteers and financial contributors.

HCDCC members have the official responsibility to fill vacancies in certain offices due to the death or resignation of elected officials, and fill vacancies when no Democratic candidate has filed for nomination. They also recommend to the Governor appointment of the members and substitute members of the local Board of Elections and sometimes make recommendations for other state and county boards.

HCDCC members must bring a strong commitment to the Democratic Party and all it stands for. They should have active and recent experience in various political activities, have actively worked for candidates, or have managed campaigns. This is not a social club. They must support all Democratic candidates in the General Election.

Central Committee members should understand that there is a strong commitment of finances and time associated with being a member. For additional information, please contact the Chair at 410-290-9792.

Next up, how did I find the information on the scorecard:

  • Viewed the information provided on the State Board of Elections website (See link below)
  • Did Google searches for “Howard County Democratic Central Committee” and then candidate name
  • Once a social media site was found, see what other social media sites they list on those pages

Now on to the evaluation…

The candidates: To see the official list of candidates click here

The Scorecard: (Click the information or numbers below to view the social media page)





Bill Adams

Jonathan K. Branch

95 (+0)

Charles Bubeck

134 (+6)

Bryan Coster

Candace Dodson-Reed

314 (+48)

90 (+42)

Josh Friedman

93 (+6)

Willis E. Gay

Suzanne R. Geckle


Abby Hendrix


333 (+103)

290 (+40)

Melody J. Higgins

Ethel B. Hill

Gregory Jennings

292 (+291)

30 (+10)

Kathy Macfarlane


Michael C. A. McPherson

Jan Oliver

46 (+3)

Deanna Peel

172 (+56)

Kimberly Pruim


Agnes Dunson Reid

Nayab Siddiqui

Patricia C. Thomas

Darren Vilus

Marcia White

189 (+54)

60 (+19)

Here are my takeaways from the scorecard above:

Again I want to say that I can not be 100% sure I found everything in this race. I will say I made a best effort and will be happy to update this scorecard in the future if I missed anything for any of the candidates. Just let me know.

Gregory Jennings had the largest spike in new Facebook followers (of course the last time I looked in March he only had 1 follower).

Abby Hendrix continues to have the most overall Facebook and Twitter followers. She also added over 100 new followers since the last evaluation. One other positive note is that she also has an Instagram account ( I hope to see more photos in the future.

Deanna Peel (  and Candice Dodson-Reed ( both list LinkedIn accounts on their Facebook “about” pages. I really support candidates listing their LinkedIn accounts as their online resume to potential voters.

I was happy to find social media pages for Suzanne Geckle, Kathy Macfarlane and Kimberly Pruim. I will be following all of these going forward.

I hope everyone finds this evaluation a useful reference for the numerous candidates in this race. Again, if there is other outreach not listed on the scorecard feel free to let me know in the comments below or email me at

HoCoBlogs I would encourage the candidates on this scorecard to consider attending this wonderful event on May 28th in Ellicott City to meet local bloggers and blog readers: Make sure to RSVP soon!

Scott E #HoCoPolitics 


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