Youtube I am a big fan of using YouTube to promote a candidate as part of a campaigns social media strategy. Here are a few recent videos from Democrat candidates in Maryland:

“Healthcare” | Doug Gansler (candidate for Governor) – posted April 11th – 179 views as of today

Sundays (Anthony Brown – candidate for Governor) – posted April 9th – 571 views as of today

McCutcheon Rapid Response Rally (John Sarbanes – US Congress District 3) – posted April 4th – 17 views as of today

Some Call it Grass Roots… (Daniel Medinger – Candidate Maryland State Senate District 9) – posted March 20th – 129 views as of today

There have been other videos posted but just wanted to give some examples of what some candidates are doing today. If you are running for office in 2014, give some consideration to YouTube or Vimeo videos to help spread your message to potential voters and donors.

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