Maryland State Delegate – District 31B – March Technology Scorecard

Delegate District 31BThought I would take a look at another Anne Arundel race with this posting. The Delegate race for District 31B looks to be an interesting one to watch. There are 11 candidates in the race (three Democrats and eight Republicans). There are also two current Delegates running in this race.

You will notice this scorecard is a little different. I am still trying to perfect the layout that I want to standardize on in the future. Not every scorecard looks the same today but I will eventually pick the format I like the best and go with that one in the future. For those reading all of the scorecards, I hope this is not to confusing.

The candidates: To see the list of candidates that have “Officially filed” click here


Jeremiah Chiappelli –

Stan Janor

Doug Morris – No website or social media found


Brian Chisholm –

Paul Drgos –

Don Dwyer Jr (Delegate District 31)-

Nicholaus Kipke (Delegate District 31)-

Gus Kurtz –

Faith Loudon –

Meagan Simonaire –

David Lee Therrien – No website or social media found.

The Scorecard: (Click the numbers below to view the social media page)






Jeremiah Chiappelli

Stan Janor


Doug Morris

Brian Chisholm



Paul Drgos



Don Dwyer Jr.

Personal Page



Nicholaus Kipke





Gus Kurtz

Faith Loudon



Meagan Simonaire

David Lee Therrien

Here are my takeaways from the scorecard above:

* Note – The numbers above were collected on the evening of 3/17/14.

Janor – I was able to find a Facebook page. The page is not listed on the website and has very few followers. Please add this to your website soon.

Chisholm – Has a decent Facebook following and is on Twitter. More updates on Twitter might help grow the number of followers.

Drgos – A great Twitter following from this campaign. A shocking low number of Facebook followers. Seems to do a pretty good job with regular updates on each account. Maybe some cross promotion between the accounts would grow that Facebook following.

Delegate Dwyer – A decent Twitter following (but more often updates are needed). Nice that this campaign lists a YouTube channel. I am a bit disappointed that they list a personal Facebook page instead of an actual campaign page. I think campaign pages are much more useful for a candidate during an election cycle.

Delegate Kipke – Overall the best social media followers and outreach in the group. Currently this team has the most Facebook and Twitter followers of anyone in this race. They are also using YouTube and Flickr for outreach. Nice use of technology from this campaign.

Loudon –  Has a Facebook and Twitter account. Her followers for these accounts are not to bad in this race, but neither account is really being used at this point. If you have social media, you need to use it to attract followers.

Five candidate have no social media outreach (Chiappelli, Morris, Kurtz, Simonaire and Therrien) Two of those I was not even able to find a website for their campaign (Morris and Therrien) via Google searches. So obviously none of these candidates are a factor in this evaluation.

The technology outreach leader in this race is pretty obvious, Delegate Kipke is by far leading the pack. I would lean toward Paul Drgos for second and Brian Chisholm in third right now based on the current numbers and activity. The really telling fact of this race will come in future scorecard updates to see how the candidates grow their social media outreach and followers.

Here is a good read for all of the campaigns: Social Media Mistakes By Political Candidates – Part 2 – Updates. Updates are important to grow your social media presence online.

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it is a fun exercise to do and makes a great resource for following all of these candidates.

Look for updates to this scorecard every month until the election.

Scott E


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