District 9B Thanks to all for making the February update the second most read scorecard so far and the most popular scorecard I have done in any Maryland Delegate race so far. I hope the March update is as well received.

There have been no changes in candidates and no new technology outreach added for any of the campaigns in this race. So this update comes down to the trends of new followers.

Now on to the evaluation…

The candidates: To see the list of candidates that have “Officially filed” click here


Tom Coale – http://tomcoale.com/ – Lists Facebook and Twitter

Rich Corkran – http://richcorkran.com/ – A Twitter account


Bob Flanagan – www.flanaganfordelegate.com – List Facebook, Twitter and Flickr

Carol Loveless – http://www.carolloveless.com/ – Lists Facebook and Twitter

The Scorecard: (Click the numbers below to view the social media page)












727 (+68)

474 (+32)

701 (+134)


1090 (+32)

8 (+0)

83 (+15)

181 (+50)



Here are my takeaways from the scorecard above:

I once again did something a little different for this update, I added the total number of new followers instead of percentages. I wanted a unique look at this race and thought this would add something a little different than most other scorecard updates.

Carol Loveless added the most overall followers this month on Facebook and Twitter. The campaign is still trailing the Coale team but they are getting close on Facebook. They have to be pleased with their progress and I am sure they are hoping for this trend to continue.

Tom Coale is still the overall leader in followers. He continues to add followers and his lead on Twitter looks pretty secure for a while. This team should be careful not to lose that slim advantage they have on Facebook.

Bob Flanagan did not add many new followers and is starting to trail the Loveless campaign on the Republican side of this race. If the current trend continues this could be a bad sign for the campaign.

Rich Corkran did absolutely nothing this past month and his numbers represent that fact. The Twitter account is still not on the campaign website…but they are also not tweeting from it so I guess it is not a big deal.

I am going to mention this again to all of the campaigns: Social Media Mistakes By Political Candidates – Part 1 – Outreach. Reaching out on the other platforms could benefit all of the campaigns.

I have to point out mistakes as I see them, so here are a couple of big ones in this race:

1 – Tom Coale – Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked. If you have read other posts or tweets I have put out there, I am not a fan. For all of the reasons I have mentioned in the past plus you miss out on the ability to use hashtags (#) and extend your message to a larger audience. Hashtags like #HoCoPolitics and #MDPolitics could help your Twitter campaign gain additional followers going forward.

2 – Carol Loveless – Non-working links on your website. You have icons for YouTube and Flickr on your website. They do nothing. They have been out there for a while now. I did mention this last month in my evaluation. I really hope to see this outreach from your campaign in the future, but if it is not going to work it should be removed from the website.

Each candidate and campaign should know these are just my suggestions. Ultimately it is up to you how you want to use social media for outreach…just trying to help out in my little way.

Based on the numbers I am going to continue to name Tom Coale as the technology outreach leader. Carol Loveless remains the number two slot but I will say based on the number of new users added this month this team could have the ability to take over the top spot in future evaluations if they can keep the momentum on their side.

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it is a fun exercise to do and makes a great resource for following all of these candidates.

I hope this is useful and look for updates to the scorecard every month until the election.

Scott E


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