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I thought I would do something different tonight with this post, just putting some random items out to the world. They really are not related except for the fact they are all Howard County type items. With that, here we go…

Howard County Technology (#HoCoTech)

I got some time to play with putting some promotional videos together for the website (www.scottesoftware.com) and this blog site. Not sure what I am actually going to do with these other than put them out there on YouTube.



Howard County Sports (#HoCoSports)

Those that follow my personal Twitter account or are “friends” with me on Facebook know that a  great many of my posts are about my daughter. I like to keep the family out of state up to date with what is going on in her life. Social media is a good way to keep everyone up to date. My daughter will be playing JV softball for Long Reach High School. I am super excited for the games. I have a feeling there are some future postings about this topic in the future.

There is a scrimmage this weekend (again, super excited). Look for LOTS of pictures on social media.

Here is her jersey for this season:

Shelby Jersey 1Shelby Jersey 2

Howard County Politics (#HoCoPolitics)

Last week I attended two fun political events.

Dan Bongino hosted an event with Senator Mike Lee (Utah) in Columbia. I had a good time catching up with some old friends from the campaign and meeting a few political candidates running in the State.

Mike Lee Dan Bongino

Lieutenant Governor Anthony G. Brown & County Executive Ken Ulman held an event in Columbia. It was a house party. Let me tell you it was packed. This team really knows how to get the word out and has a lot of supporters in Howard County. I enjoyed meeting some of the local bloggers, a few politicians, a few candidates and others.


Coming Soon…

I have a few Technology Scorecard updates coming this weekend. First I am going to update the most popular scorecard that I have done so far (Howard County Council – District One Race – February Technology Scorecard). I have seen new outreach from multiple candidates and I am really excited to do this evaluation again.

The other scorecard I will probably do this weekend is the second most popular scorecard (Maryland State Delegate – District 9B – February Technology Scorecard). I will be interested to see what the follower trends in this race looks like this month.

Thanks to all that took the time to read this post. I may from time to time do some additional “Random Thoughts on Thursday’s” in the future.

Scott E


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