March Technology Scorecard – Republican Candidates for Governor

Maryland Flag In the last month there have not been a lot of significant technology outreach changes in this race. Here are some of the changes I have noticed: Lollar and George have filed officially, Vaeth has a couple of working links on his website and Craig promoted a radio ad on YouTube. Check out these links to see the previous scorecards:

Governor (Republican)

The candidates: To see the list of candidates that have “Officially filed” click here

David Craig – Lists Facebook and Twitter social media accounts.

Ron George – Lists Facebook, Twitter and YouTube social media accounts.

Charles Lollar: – Lists Facebook, Twitter and YouTube social media accounts.

Brian Vaeth: – Lists Facebook and Twitter. There are other icons on the website but they are not working today.

Larry Hogan: – Lists Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram social media accounts.

The Scorecard: (Click the numbers below to view the social media page)














4,621 (+11%)

3,355 (+10%)

6,268 (+2%)

Personal Page

81,569 (+6%)


897 (+23%)

540 (+16%)

3,444 (+2%)


1,064 (+9%)






39 ( +50%)

Here are my takeaways from the scorecard above:

The Hogan team continues to hold a significant outreach lead. They added nearly 5,000 new Facebook followers to “Change Maryland” in the past month. Twitter growth is lagging in terms of new followers. Still nice to see that they are out there on Instagram and it is growing in followers.

The Craig team continues to show significant growth on Facebook and Twitter. They are still trailing other candidates but the increases over the last two months shows real social media interest in the campaign.

The George team had its first significant social media increases in the last month. That could be a good sign going forward. I will be very interested to see if this trend continues.

The Lollar team continues to have very little new followers on social media. This team should look to provide more updates going forward in the campaign. They will never significantly gain new followers without regular updates.

The Vaeth team finally got a couple of good working links on the website. The overall website continues to improve. It looks like more might be coming in the future (there are other links that still do not work on the site today). The Facebook link still points to a personal page.

I am going to continue to choose Larry Hogan as the overall technology outreach leader in this race. His Facebook numbers and continued growth are some of the best I have reviewed in the state. I am still choosing David Craig second (based on his increases) and in what some might see as a surprise, I am going to move Ron George up to third. Charles Lollar has now had two reporting periods of limited new followers and because of this I am moving him into forth overall.

Here is a good read for all of the campaigns (but especially the Lollar team): Social Media Mistakes By Political Candidates – Part 2 – Updates. Updates are important to grow your social media presence online.

Here is the radio ad I mention above:

Now I love the use of Youtube. I always question posting radio ads on this platform. It is an easy way to get the ad out to followers, but the visual of a radio ad on YouTube is not always a great one. Also, an actual campaign YouTube page might go a long way to getting move “views” of the ad online.

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it is a fun exercise to do and makes a great resource for following all of these candidates.

Interested in other Technology Scorecards that have been done for other various races? Check out this summary: Technology Scorecards Summary

Scott E

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