March Technology Scorecard – Democrat Candidates for Governor

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 6.31.11 AM It has been almost a month so I thought this would be a great opportunity to update this scorecard. This is the third update so far. Check out these links to see the previous scorecards:

Governor (Democrat)

There have been really no changes to the overall technology outreach from any of the campaigns. Both the Brown and Gansler campaigns did release new campaign videos on YouTube. I like that this is being done early in the race. Great use of the technology!

The candidates: To see the list of candidates that have “Officially filed” click here

Anthony Brown: (Officially filed) – – Lists Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr social media accounts.

Douglas Gansler: (Officially filed) – – Lists Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and YouTube social media accounts.

Heather Mizeur: (Officially filed) – – Lists Facebook, Twitter and YouTube social media accounts.

Ralph Jaffe: (Officially filed) – – Lists YouTube social media videos (but no channel).

Charles Smith: (Officially filed) – Could not find the campaign website.

The Scorecard: (Click the numbers below to view the social media page)










11,641 (+24%)

5,396 (+27%)

13,588 (+3%)


2,168 (+54%)

4,393 (+6%)

4,938 (+4%)










128 (+2%)

Here are my takeaways from the scorecard above:

I have removed Jaffe and Smith from the scorecard. They just were not doing anything and I thought it best to focus on candidates that are using the tools for outreach.

For the second consecutive month, Brown has shown the most significant numbers of new followers overall. The rate of new followers on Twitter was pretty impressive.

Brown has an Instagram account yet it is still not listed on the website. I think it would be a good idea to list it on the front page or the contact us page of the website.

Mizeur continues to lead with overall Facebook followers. Her growth of new followers has been slow but continues to lead overall. She also has a slim lead with total Twitter followers. Now might be a good time to start with social media ads to increase the number of new followers.

Gansler had a nice spike in Facebook followers over the past month. I am a little surprised that his Twitter followers did not grow at the same rate. Maybe more cross promotion would help gain new Twitter followers.

None of the candidates appear to be on Google+ yet. (If they are none of them are promoting it on their website). I am still shocked that not one candidate is using this platform.

Base on current trends, I would have to pick the Brown campaign as the technology outreach leader this month. They are adding new followers at a much more significant rate than the other campaigns. I would go with Mizeur for second and Gansler a not to distant third.

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it is a fun exercise to do and makes a great resource for following all of these candidates.

Interested in other Technology Scorecards that have been done for other various state races? Check out this summary: Technology Scorecards Summary

Here are those new campaign videos discussed above:

Scott E


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