Howard County Districts I was very pleased to hear the wonderful comments about the technology scorecards yesterday at the HoCoBlogs event. I want to take a moment to say thank you all for the wonderful comments and look forward to many more reviews and updates in the coming months. It was also nice to have some time to talk with Courtney Watson (running for Howard County Executive) and Wendy Royalty (running for Howard County Council – District 1). I think it is wonderful when candidates make it out to these events.

There have been numerous activities in this race. Candidates hoping in at the last minute and a candidate dropping out of the race. Here is a nice recap from Amanda Yeager in the Baltimore Sun (Click Here). David Lublin did a nice article also (Click Here). One more from Marshmallow Man (Click Here).

Tom Coale did a nice breakdown of races across Howard County (Click here to read it).

This race has eight candidates today. Five Democrats and three Republican. Two current Delegates are returning to run for their seats. Guy Guzzone has opted to run for State Senate in District 13.

The candidates: To see the list of candidates that have “Officially filed” click here


Vanessa Atterbeary – – Website under construction. No social media outreach yet.

Fred Eiland – – Found Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Shane Pendergrass (Delegate District 13) – – No social media outreach listed

Nayab Siddiqui – No website or social media outreach yet.

Frank Turner (Delegate District 13) – – No social media outreach listed


Danny Eaton – – No social media outreach listed

Jimmy Williams – – Lists Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Chris Yates – No website or social media outreach yet.

The Scorecard: (Click the numbers below to view the social media page)






Vanessa Atterbeary


Fred Eiland




Shane Pendergrass


Nayab Siddiqui


Frank Turner


Danny Eaton


Jimmy Williams





Chris Yates


Here are my takeaways from the scorecard above:

The outreach is pretty minimal so far in this race. To be fair, three of the candidates (Atterbeary, Siddiqui and Yates) just filed to get into this race officially (all filed on or after 2/24/14).

Williams is my technology outreach leader in this race at the moment. He does not have a significant following yet but is by far doing more than anyone else.

Eiland has Facebook and Twitter accounts. It would be great if he would list those on his campaign website.

The current Delegates (Pendergrass and Turner) have never had significant technology outreach (at least that I could find). Based on the numbers in this race they may not need it. I will be very interested to see if they change that as this race moves forward.

Eaton has a Vimeo video on the front page of his website. I went and looked at that page and it is the only video made to date. Will he continue to use that platform in his race?

All of the campaigns should read: Social Media Mistakes By Political Candidates – Part 1 – Outreach. Reaching out on the other platforms could benefit all of the campaigns.

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it is a fun exercise to do and makes a great resource for following all of these candidates.

I have a lot on my plate for March. All of the races evaluated will be updated. As important as the technology outreach look is, looking at how these accounts improve and trend (adding of new followers) will be an important part of my future evaluations. There are races (County Executive, State Senate, State Delegate) still to be looked at in Howard County as well as some of our surrounding counties. I will also be putting together a page to follow all of these scorecards (this might be ready tonight or at some point this weekend).

Scott E



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