Brown Ulman open office in Columbia Yesterday I was able to attend the Brown-Ulman office opening in Columbia. I figured I write enough about the Governors race that I should attend an opening that close to home. Their Columbia office is on Stanford Road so just a mile or so from the house. If you know where Pub Dog is, it is in the same shopping center. If you don’t know where Pub Dog is, download Columbia MD Bar iPhone/iPad app and get turn by turn directions. You can download it here. (Yes I know, shameless self promotion)

I must admit, I was pretty impressed with their speeches and the turn out for the opening of the office. The place was packed. Some of the people I recognized were: Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, County Executive Ken Ulman, Congressman Elijah Cummings, County Council Person Courtney Watson, State Delegate Guy Guzzone, Clarence Lam and others.

Lieutenant Governor Brown’s speech was really nice. He had a couple of great lines like “Thankful for term limits in Howard County” and “raise your right hand, you are now in the Brown Brigade”. I thought those were some of my favorite parts of his entire speech.

Baltimore Sun PollAs the front runner in this primary (per the most recent Baltimore Sun poll), the campaign seemed excited and energized. The poll was mentioned in the speech with the observation that it was nice, but not to be taken for granted. Much work still needs to be done for the campaign.

From a technology perspective the campaign is growing quickly. The last technology scorecard had the campaign Facebook page with over 9,400 followers. Today the page over 10,200 followers. They are running Twitter ads (maybe others also, but I am not sure) and this is equating to followers. Other campaigns should take note of this fact! To see the last technology scorecard, click here!

If you are interested in following the Brown-Ulman team, check out:

Now I have not had the opportunity to attend a Gansler or Mizeur event yet, but if they are ever in the area I will try and make an effort to attend their events. I think it is useful to watch and listen to all of the candidates to see the comparisons between them all.

I hope you all have a wonderful Presidents Day!

Scott E



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