MDGOP Governors Race News

Maryland Flag As many of you know I have been watching the campaigns for both the Democrat and Republican candidates for Governor. I have released two MDGOP technology scorecards (January and February) and selected leaders each month. (Note – I have done the same for the Democrat candidates also. Click here for that February Scorecard).

There have been some recent and interesting activities on the Republican side that I thought I would highlight:

Charles Lollar wins Montgomery County GOP Convention straw poll on February 8th. Lollar won with 40% of the vote, followed by Ron George (24%), Larry Hogan (23%), and David Craig (13%). I am sure the campaign sees this as a big win (at least according to their social media pages and press release). Lollar MCGOP Star Poll Winner

Of course these straw polls should be taken as they are, a very limited view of the actual people who will be voting in June during the primary. I chose Charles Lollar as the technology outreach leader in January. This was prior to the Larry Hogan announcement and website launch.

Larry Hogan wins Red Maryland February Online Poll. Red Maryland Poll Results: @Hogan4Governor 42.1%, @RonGeorge2014 26.7%, undecided 15.2%, @Charles_Lollar 9.4%, @DavidCraig2014 6% Red Maryland February Poll Results

Now to be fair, Red Maryland has formally endorsed Larry Hogan so the fact that he keeps on winning an online poll that they distribute should not be a big surprise. Seriously they should be hired as the official PR firm for his campaign. Now I do not hold supporting one campaign against anyone or any organization, but it should be known in the reporting of results.

Red Maryland also seems to love to beat up on the Lollar campaign. So many posts on their blog and Twitter feed, it seems really personal against Charles Lollar and the Lollar staff. It is entertaining to watch from the sidelines, but it really makes it hard to take their information as balanced or fair in any way.

(New) Hogan leads in Baltimore Sun poll on February 14 – A recent Baltimore Sun poll shows Hogan leading the other candidates, but the vast majority of people surveyed had yet to make up their minds. Hogan had 13%, Craig 7%, George 6%, Lollar 5% and 68% stated they were still undecided. Of the three polls discussed, I would bet this is the one the campaigns are taking the most accurate today. Baltimore Sun Poll February

I chose Larry Hogan as the technology outreach leader in February. This was primarily based on his use of the “Change Maryland” Facebook page (now over 78,000 followers).

On a positive note, the Ron George campaign has to be encouraged that they finished second in two of the polls and third but well within reach in the Sun poll.

On the other side of that spectrum, David Craig finished at the bottom (of the legitimate candidates) of each of the first two polls discussed and can not be thrilled about that fact but he did finish second in the Sun poll and that has to give the campaign a glimmer of optimism.

Those are the interesting facts I wanted to put out there this weekend. All of the Maryland GOP candidates have a big hill to climb to be competitive with the various Democrat candidates running today. All are looking for big (or little) wins to show they are the right candidate to run in the general election.

A good way to keep up with what is going on in the races is to follow the Twitter hashtags of #MDPolitics and #MDGOV.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day and has a wonderful remainder of your weekend. President’s Day is Monday, so for those of us that are off that day it will be a great long weekend.

Scott E


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